Dr. Lisa, our Digital Project Manager, shares why businesses should pay closer attention to the platform that powers so much of the web.

I often work with small business owners who are swamped under all the data they must manage to run their companies. Sometimes they lose track of client details jotted on sticky notes, or maybe they’re trying to track down vital information across multiple software systems. In nearly all cases, they’re overlooking a powerful, cost-effective solution to their information management and security woes.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software streamlines business operations by providing a single base platform for connected applications. ERP software helps you manage everything in one place – but most commercial options are prohibitively expensive for very small businesses and solopreneurs. Google’s G Suite applications are a great option, but require a pretty well-versed professional to set up. And that, my friends, is where WordPress comes in.

WordPress powers almost 30% of all websites around the world. That’s millions and millions of sites. While many owners readily embrace WordPress for their websites and business blogs – most have no idea what else the WordPress ecosystem provides. Since the core platform’s architecture is stable and well-regulated, you only need learn how to use the system properly. Everything designed to work with WordPress must conform to the core structure, so you can add what you need and hit the ground running. Check out my favorite reasons to extend the functionality of WordPress to run your business below.


Dr. Lisa Richardson is a small business marketing and project management consultant, facilitating profitable conversations between local businesses and their communities. With over 20 years of experience online community development and consumer behavior, Lisa’s extensive professional background spans adult education, web development, usability and user experience, and software training. You can get more small business tech and digital strategy tips, as well as on-demand support at DrLisa.co.