About MeetSuites

MeetSuites supports small and micro businesses in local communities. We connect consultants, coaches, creative teams, and other professionals with unique locally-owned meeting spaces to teach, collaborate, pop-up, and create. We’ve noticed that as Atlanta grows as a tech and filmmaking hub, opportunities for business growth are developing in new ways. Affordable spaces that don’t require a major outlay of funds or long-term commitment are hiding in neighborhoods you might not have considered. We locate these spaces for you, and help you book them right away through our convenient app.

But, we’re so much more than just another app company. We offer complete event and venue management and marketing solutions. The MeetSuites directory is just the beginning.

For venue owners and landlords, we offer a way to increase your monthly revenue while offsetting the costs of maintaining vacant spaces. For more aggressive revenue goals, we offer the MeetSuites Managed Spaces program.

Reach out at hello@meetsuites.co to learn more about our concierge and facility management services.

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